Membership is provided free of charge to all fire and arson investigation and associated professional practitioners and restricted to those that are continually fully paid members of the IAAI and provide the  E-AFI Director of Administration the details on the form below, including their IAAI membership number and expiry date.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can IAAI Members outside of Europe Join?

Although it was decided for many reasons to keep the E-AFI as an ‘umbrella’ Chapter for those living and working within Europe, we welcome other IAAI members to join us also


Can I Join more than one Chapter?

Yes, Joining E-AFI does not prevent an IAAI member joining an individual existing Chapter within Europe, such as the UK-AFI.


How do I join IAAI?

To join the IAAI please visit


Where can I find IAAI Chapters?

Other chapters can be found on the IAAI web site at